Kimberly & Derek

Wedding Party

Meet the wedding party. Kimberly and Derek are thrilled to have such special people supporting us on our big day!

The Bridesmaids

Melissa Calvert
Maid of Honor

Melissa and Kimberly were roommates several years ago and became the closest of friends. Their friendship remains strong and are frequently each other's support through tough times in life. Melissa is the ultimate hostess, planning our engagement party and Kimberly's bachelorette party!

Michelle Johnson

Michelle has been a close friend since she and Kimberly were in high school. Kimberly was Michelle's maid of honor and was around to help Michelle through the birth of her daughter. They remain close and Michelle is still the go-to-girl when Kimberly needs advice!

Julie Thurston

Derek's sister is a very important person on our big day. Kimberly and Julie finally have a sister! Julie and Kimberly's father Chris visited last Thanksgiving, and we all shared a great holiday dinner - except for the gravy!

Christina Williams

Christina came into Kimberly's life when she moved into Melissa's condo after Kimberly had moved out. Christina quickly became an integral member of their tight group of girlfriends. She shares a passion for exercise and hiking Camelback with the bride.

Chrissy Francies

A long time friend, Chrissy was Kimberly's partner-in-crime in post-college days around Ft. Wayne. They have remained close friends since Kimberly moved to Arizona and have visited each other frequently. The two girls share an eerie passion for Coach purses!

Felice West
Greeting Coordinator

Felice and Kimberly lived together not too long after Kimberly moved to Arizona. A great friend, Felice always has Kimberly's back. They have shared many good times, and Kimberly is happy to have Felice back in Arizona.


The Groomsmen

Greg Thurston
Best Man

Derek and Greg have literally spent a lifetime together. They have always been close and share a common group of great friends they grew up with on Lake Geneva. Derek is proud to have his closest friend at his side for the biggest day of his life.

Bob Nichols

A friend since arriving in DeWitt in middle school, Bob has been a big part of Derek's life for a long time now. They share a love of music and hockey - well, Bob's love of hockey is more in the past, but he taught Derek to skate and helped get him started!

Jeff Petersen

Kimberly's brother is also a very important person on our big day. Fresh off a wedding of his own this past April, we are happy to have Jeff and his new wife Lindsay here in Arizona to celebrate with us. Wow, the Petersen family is growing quickly this year!

Chad Kelley

Funny how things work sometimes, similar to finding a midwest bride in Arizona, Derek's good friend Chad is a Michigan native living in Tempe now. They met at a happy hour and have since then had lots of fun... at time too much fun!

Fred Luethge

Another childhood friend, the Luethge & Thurston families have always been close. Growing up on Lake Geneva, we share fond memories from the lake to college to Korea. His mother was Derek's 2nd grade teacher.


The Officiant

The Very Rev. Anthony Thurston
Wedding Officiant

Derek's uncle, Anthony "Bud" Thurston, is a retired priest, having served as Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon for 13 years. He holds a masters degree in theology from Yale. His time is now heavily devoted to the Oregon Health Action Campaign. As Executive Director, he leads a coalition of individuals and organizations seeking development of quality, responsive health systems that allow all people to access affordable health care. We could not be more excited to have Uncle Bud performing our wedding ceremony!
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